Everyone experiences anxiety on some level, while some are affected more than others. Sometimes anxiety can seem uncontrollable, having negative affects, and taking on many different forms, which may have unwanted consequences including job loss, family trouble, or overall lesser happiness. Fortunately there are techniques we can use to relieve your worry and turn your negative thoughts around.


Depression is more than merely feeling sad. Sometimes you can’t just “shake it off” or try not to think about it. Depression isn’t that simple. Once someone has become depressed for a significant length of time, it’s difficult to pull out of that frame of mind because they’ve likely experienced a drop in the level of neurotransmitters in the brain that help with improving moods. It’s like being stuck in quicksand. Seeing a trained professional can help fill those needs while providing perspective and healing that’s needed to help you feel like yourself again.

Grief & Loss

Grief hits everyone differently. It can be the process of recovering from losing a loved one, or any form of loss which encompasses a wide range of emotions including fear, anger, or deep sadness that feels like it will never end. It’s also the process of learning to live again, after a loss has occurred, in a changed world.

The process of adapting to a loss can dramatically change from person to person, depending on his or her beliefs, or relationship to the cause of grief itself. Managing that process can be difficult when you’re managing it alone. Working with a trained counselor can help create new systems of meaning that allow us to live with joy and purpose, in spite of our losses.

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Relationship Conflicts

Having another person’s perspective can help couples to hear and say things they have not been able to say alone or have said too harshly when alone.  Our experienced couples counselors can provide effective guidance, direction, support and/or encouragement that will help you navigate through historically difficult patterns or situations.

Let us help you reconnect with your significant other through private, transformative online counseling services.

Self-Esteem Issues

Struggling with self-worth can impact all facets of your life, and prevent you from forming secure relationships or accomplishing all that you are capable of. At Rivers of Hope, our licensed professional counselors have years of experience working with individuals, and this experience has equipped us to thoroughly and effectively help clients learn how to change behaviors and ways of thinking that contribute to poor self-esteem. Developing a healthy, honest view of yourself isn’t about being selfish or conceited. It’s about learning to like and respect yourself, faults included.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Substance use disorder stems from issues beyond simple dependence. Our counselors have spent years working with individuals to help them learn how to cope with stress, triggers, and foster psychosocial development needed to live life beyond using. Treatment plans will be individually customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

Spiritual Brokenness

Feeling ostracized or disconnected from your faith can happen to anyone, especially in times of crisis and serious hardship. You may be feeling guilty or ashamed of your struggling faith, feel that you are not a good Christian, or feel that God has abandoned you.

If you’re looking for a refuge from spiritual burnout, a safe space to process marginalization or rejection from church, as well as healing from spiritual abuse, we can help.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is the result of someone being exposed to an actual or real threat of death, serious injury, or sexual violence. It can trigger feelings of intense anxiety, panic, flashbacks, and memories that are extremely limiting to an individual. The good news is, working with a qualified mental health professional can allow you to build a healthy inner narrative which will allow you to remember the event, process it, and address your feelings so that you can decrease your associated emotions.

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Just Life

Sometimes, the day-to-day stressors of modern life can simply become overwhelming. You may be thinking, “Nothing bad has happened to me. I’m not dealing with grief, trauma, or depression. I don’t need therapy.” Despite this, you may still be dealing with deep feelings of dissatisfaction, self-doubt, or isolation. Often, situations like life transitions, such as a career change, move, or new baby, can elicit these feelings.

The good news is, there’s hope. It’s possible to regain the excitement you once felt and feel in control of your life again. Therapy is a place where you can feel heard, where you can speak your fears, and share your experiences as you see them. Our therapists are here for you, to offer guidance, support, and help you navigate life’s transitions and challenges, so that you can start feeling like yourself again.

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