Taylor Paige

Charmaine Dockett, Licensed Professional Counselor

Supervisor: Kenn Shirley, VA 0701006529

We travel the road with you, hope for the hopeful and hopeless! We pair authentic listening with the power of hope.

Taylor Paige is a firm believer that therapy can benefit anyone. Often individuals come to counseling amid great pain, change, or trauma when the work to be done is clear. Still, there is powerful, affirming work to be done in every phase of life. Whether you’re struggling with grief, transition, or feeling a little directionless, there is something to be gained from counseling.

Taylor places great value on each person’s lived experiences and trusts that you are the expert on you. She works to help you rely on that expertise in combination with techniques and approaches from therapy. Taylor is a Resident in Counseling and Nationally Certified Counselor. She has worked with individuals struggling with an array of issues from bipolar disorder to anxiety and depression. Taylor specializes in supporting emerging adults and adults in crisis, offering collaborative healing for those experiencing mental illness, and addressing phase of life and identity difficulties. She is a multiculturally-competent, LGBTQ affirming Counselor with a deep passion for working with others whose life experiences differ from mine.

Taylor’s ultimate passion is making therapy as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. She utilizes teletherapy in hopes that knocking down geographical obstacles might encourage more people to find time for themselves via therapy.  Taylor encourages you to schedule an appointment and begin your counseling journey today!

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