Licensed Resident in Counseling

Stephanie Varga

We travel the road with you, hope for the hopeful and hopeless! We pair authentic listening with the power of hope.

Stephanie Varga has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Stephanie is currently a Resident in Counseling operating under supervision from a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Stephanie has worked with children, adolescents, and adults through her experiences in roles such as intensive in-home, case management, and outpatient. Stephanie specializes in working with young adults who are navigating changes related to their stage of life. She has worked with
individuals struggling with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, family challenges, and stage of life transitions. Stephanie utilizes a person-centered style of therapy. She believes that counseling provides individuals with a safe space where you can explore your hurts and struggles
without fear of judgement. She believes that this includes working with individuals at your ownpace throughout the change and healing process.

Stephanie prefers to incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems theory, Attachment theory, and mindfulness techniques when working with clients. By safely exploring past and current factors that influence your present, and identifying areas of potential growth,
counseling provides you with an opportunity to work through your areas of concern. Stephanie is passionate about counseling because she believes that everyone faces challenges. Whether you are struggling with stressors related to stage-of-life transitions or more chronic difficulties,
engaging in counseling can provide you the opportunity to gain self-awareness, hope, and healing.

For anyone interested in an endeavor to engage with these services, you are one appointment away from discovering hope and empowerment that is uniquely catered for your life’s journey!

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