Resident in Counseling

Stephanie Tingler

We travel the road with you, hope for the hopeful and hopeless! We pair authentic listening with the power of hope.

I specialize in trauma and the first step to start counseling is one of the hardest. It takes strength to make that phone call or send an email. It is my goaI to walk with you through the counseling journey and offer client centered therapy with hopes and healing my clients seek. I work with all types of mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and many other struggles. I graduated from Liberty University and am a Resident in Counseling working toward state licensure. I work with individuals, couples, teens and children. Reach out and I’ll be glad to start your journey with you.

My specialty area is trauma. I work with clients of all ages who experienced different forms of trauma. I also work with addictions in both men and women. Alcohol, drugs and other addictions that take over lives. I have certifications in child and adolescent trauma, play therapy, working on addictions certification and adult trauma. l’d love to talk.

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