Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Michelle Harrison


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Michelle Harrison is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate dedicated to pursuing a lifelong goal of assisting others develop and maintain mental, physical, and emotional health. Michelle has demonstrated this dedication early in her career as a certified nursing assistant, certified medical assistant, and home health care aide, where she built a strong foundation in the concept of duty of care. Michelle worked one-on-one with youth on the autism spectrum as an ABA Therapist. She ran various programs to help youth correct maladaptive behavior. She tutored youth in subjects related to activities of daily living, while encouraging gross motor and fine motor skills. She developed individual training plans tailored to specific needs in home and school-based settings.

Michelle began work as an Outpatient Therapist where she provided mental health counseling to individuals, families, and couples ages 4-60 years. She facilitated and developed crisis intervention plans and established and implemented treatment goals, objectives, and action plans. Michelle translated her skills into work as a Crisis Therapist where she assessed children and families in crisis and determined the level of care needed for individual crises. She connected children and families to resources to best support the needs of the child and family.

Michelle is a military spouse of an active-duty Air Force member with 20 years of experience with the unique and special requirements of active-duty military families. She has invested many years into research and treatments for her adult son on the autism spectrum and is actively engaged in the pursuit of finding effective ways to diagnose and treat individuals with special needs. Michelle has made many personal investments into her field and treats everyone as a person with unique needs. Her lifelong dedication to the service of others is a testament to her power of will and devotion to duty. 

With Michelle’s ability to understand a wide variety of individuals’ needs within a wide and diverse spectrum, she provides clients with the best potential ability to reach their needs. She has worked with clients of every race, age, creed, and color. Living as a military spouse, Michelle understands that everyone has unique challenges, and is willing to work diligently to provide the absolute best care. 

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