Hope is the belief that today means something for tomorrow. Without hope, it’s difficult to see a reason to keep going. But your journey isn’t’ over! Perhaps in some ways, it’s just begun. Even in what feels like the darkest of times, I challenge you to find the light. Turn it on today and keep shining for tomorrow. When all is said and done, you’ll look back and be glad you did!

Vision Will Get You There

The feeling of hopelessness can overwhelm the mind, the body, and one’s soul. However, remembering that there are aspects of life to look forward to creates peace of mind in the present. It’s not about wishing to speed along the clock in order to escape current circumstances. Establishing vision is about creating a plan that unlocks a brighter future. A plan that keeps you in control as the author of your own story. Here are five things you’ll want to do in support of your vision.

1. Know Your “Why”

What do you want for your future self, and why are you unshakably compelled to get there? It’s not enough to just want something. You have to know why you’re working towards it. The question becomes, “why must I absolutely accomplish this thing?” Your why has to move your spirit! It’s what motivates you to keep going when you meet obstacles, have to change course, or when it feels much easier to quit. Is your tomorrow rooted in family/community? Your faith or religion? Personal health and well-being? Whatever motivates you the most, highlight it and attach it to your vision.

2. Believe in the Possibility

What do business owners, architects, and all types of creatives have in common? The ability to create something that didn’t exist before! They must believe in the process long before the end result is seen. Whether you fit one of these profiles or not, you have the power to do the same. To believe that you can build something in your life even if all the pieces aren’t in front of you just yet. Hope is truly about showing up to the drawing board while it’s blank, with the belief that something you don’t see now will surely appear–if you keep showing up to the process!

3. Monitor the Noise

When you wear glasses, you have your own prescription. When you have a vision, you have your own perspective.
Since it’s yours, others won’t see it the way you do. The fact that they can’t see what you can’t see, creates a lot of
room for doubt. So hear what’s going on around you, but don’t let other people’s inability to see what you see make
you stop believing that you one day will. Accept any criticism you may encounter as constructive. Opinions are
optional, but your progress is not!

4. Create a Personal Feedback Loop

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Unknown

Most of us are familiar with this phrase. It may be overused and watered-down at this point, but it still holds truth.
When you’re hopeful about establishing anything new or better in life, it’s important to acknowledge how your
thoughts, feelings, and actions align with where you want to be. What’s working well for you? What might you need
to adjust to get a different result? Never be afraid to critique yourself and course-correct as needed. Personal
feedback is just as important as external feedback, so give it to yourself, too!

5. Position Yourself to Receive

Because aspects of a vision are imagined in the present but fully lived out in the future, they often feel too far away.
Gratification feels distant. Thus, people have a tendency to stay attached to whatever is keeping them comfortable
right now. Maybe your vision requires you to expand in a direction you haven’t had to go yet. And since what’s
familiar makes us comfortable, that’s what stays. But I challenge you to recognize the people, places, and things that
take up space in your life. Ask yourself if they’re supporting your expansion, or blocking your reception. Depending
on your answer, some adjustments may be necessary.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.| Proverbs 13:12

When times feel too dark to continue, know that there is always an opportunity to find the light. If you can’t find the
light, be the light. Don’t wait for your circumstances to change. Change the way you view your circumstances, and
remain hopeful that brighter days are ahead.


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